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6 Types Of Décor To Make A Home Feel Warm & Cozy

Various candles resting on a side table with a rolled up blanket - perfect decor to make a home feel warm. | SHW Blog

The warmth of a home is much more than just the temperature. In the winter, there are some decorations that can make a home feel more welcoming and comfortable without adjusting the thermostat.

Of course, if you are experiencing an issue with your heating system, place a claim today or get your free quote for home warranty coverage. Otherwise, try these easy home décor ideas to turn your favorite living spaces into cozy nooks and crannies.

1. Throw blankets and pillows.

The first thing everyone looks for when they feel a chill is a nice, comfortable blanket. Strategically place throw blankets around your home’s seating so guests have the option to grab one. Throw pillows will have the same effect, helping someone feel more comfortable, even if they’re not using it at that very moment.

2. Candles and warm low-lighting.

Fire light is naturally warm and has a calming effect. Much like a fireplace, candlelight will make your home feel welcoming (with the bonus of dispersing a pleasant aroma). Decorate with a variety of candle sizes and types placed around hubs, such as on a coffee table or mantle. Just be careful not to burn too many contradictory scents at one time.

String lights also have a magical quality to them and are low-lighting. This means they won’t brighten up a room so much so that it feels overexposed.  Keep your lights dim, and if you have a bright floor lamp, point it towards a corner where someone might sit down to read a book.

3. Tapestries and rugs.

Rugs are essential to preventing icy feet throughout the house, even if you wear socks. A carpet or rug will have a significant impact on the temperature in a room too, providing additional insulation against the cold. Tapestries offer a similar effect. By covering the walls, you’re not only decorating them with a soft display, but are providing an extra layer of insulation along the perimeter of the living space.

4. Wood and stone décor.

Natural esthetics will give your home a rustic, cabin-like theme. Wooden furniture, such as dark oak side tables or bureaus, has a homely quality, while furniture made of plastic or metal has a more artificial quality.

Stone will have the same effect, reminding your guests of a woodsy getaway. Stone can either be central to the room, such as with a fireplace, or can be an additional decoration, such as a terrarium or cloche filled with pebbles.

5. House plants and outdoor accents.

Throughout winter, decorate with a mix of green houseplants and foliage from outside to keep the space from looking dreary.

Wreaths are earthy decorations that fit right in all throughout the season. If you have vases for decorating with flowers during the spring and summer months, re-purpose those and instead place a bouquet of small branches, holly, pine cones, pine needles, and any other outdoor foliage you can pick up.

House plants will help the space feel alive and healthy. Just be sure your plants are near sunlight and watered every so often, this way they won’t perish and have the opposite effect.

6. Warm color palettes.

Warm colors in the home include shades of red, orange, and brown. You might also find that white adds a fluffy and soft theme to a room, but add too much white, and the room may appear frigid. Some shades of yellow will also help a room glow but be careful not to turn your living space into a giant sunflower by using too much of it.

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