Own a home?
We've got you covered.

A home service contract is not your homeowner's
insurance policy. It's a seperate contract covering repairs on
systems and applicances in your home

Defend against breakdowns

Unfortunately, the appliances and home system components around our homes
will eventually break down. Select Home Warranty will help you get it repaired
by a qualified service contractor in 3 simple steps

1. Report a claim

When something happens, call us or contact us online. Our team will open a claim 24/7.

2. We assign a local professional

Finding the right professional is difficult. We have a large network of professionals throughout the country.

3. Repair or replace

We’ll repair or replace your covered item. You pay a minimal service fee. Simple as that.

A home service contract can be very beneficial and can save you time and
money when it is utilized for its intended purpose which is to cover your homes'
systems and appliances for normal wear and tear.

We offer 3 simple plans and easy monthly payment options to fit your budget

Get a quote in minutes

Choose Select Home Warranty and have our professionals guide you through the process of
finding the perfect home warranty coverage for your home.

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