Realtor Home Warranty: Sell Faster, Make More!

Realtor Home Warranty: Sell Faster, Make More!

If you’re a realtor looking to maximize the value of your sales while closing more quickly, you’ll be interested to learn a home warranty can help. See how a realtor home warranty enables buyers to feel more confident when purchasing a home, allowing you to sell at an increased price while closing deals faster.

What is a realtor home warranty?

In essence, a realtor home warranty is no different from your standard home warranty. The purpose is to protect a property’s appliances and systems. When something goes wrong and an item is covered, the home warranty company steps in to find a contractor and cover the costs of parts and repair or replacement.

All that’s owed is a minor service fee that’s far less costly in the grand scheme of what home system and appliance repairs can run.

This is what makes a home warranty different from homeowners insurance – it’s covering the things it won’t touch. If the HVAC system breaks down, plumbing springs a leak, or the electrical system fails, the seller is out of pocket on those expenses. Well, unless they have a home warranty, that is!

Likewise, if any of these issues occur over the course of a sale, it could harm the buyer’s confidence in the property, leading them to suspect other issues may be present that will be their problem after moving in. Again, a home warranty resolves these issues and more.

Avoid Unexpected Repair Costs

Shield your wallet from unexpected costs of repairing or
replacing a home appliance.

AC, Average Repair

Avg. repair cost: $350
Avg. replace cost: $5500


Avg. repair cost: $350
Avg. replace cost: $4500

Water Heater

Avg. repair cost: $275
Avg. replace cost: $1500


Avg. repair cost: $285
Avg. replace cost: $900

Plumbing System

Avg. repair cost: $300
Avg. replace cost: $3500


Avg. repair cost: $285
Avg. replace cost: $650

How does a real estate agent benefit from a home warranty?

From the feedback that we’ve received, we found that realtors and sellers have sold homes quicker and most times at a higher price. This is because buyers feel more confident in buying homes that have a coverage plan.

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Business Week Magazine reported that houses with home warranty coverage saw a 3% increase in sales price.
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The majority of home buyers prefer purchasing a home with a warranty – eight out of ten, according to a poll conducted by Gallup.
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The National Home Warranty Association has reported that homes sold with a warranty plan tend to sell 50% faster than those without one.

In short, a home service contract can be an effective marketing tool, instantly giving buyers additional assurance in their purchase.

If you’re a real estate professional, knowledge that the home is protected after purchase is just as good as the sale closing quickly. A home warranty offers this peace of mind to the buyer, the seller, and you, as well.

Home Warranty Coverage & Protection Plans Under Your Budget

Start Protecting Your Home Today

Gold Care

$150 off any plan
Free Roof Coverage ($99 Value)
2 Extra Months Free


Platinum Care

$150 off any plan
Free Roof Coverage ($99 Value)
2 Extra Months Free

Bronze Care

$150 off any plan
Free Roof Coverage ($99 Value)
2 Extra Months Free

Are home warranties transferable?

Absolutely! If a home is covered under a plan through Select, transferring a home warranty to the buyer is simple. Anyone with active coverage can contact us at 855-267-3532.

Why else should realtors work with Select Home Warranty?

Select Home Warranty (SHW) is an award-winning provider of affordable service plans for home systems and appliances. With our free roof coverage and lucrative signup bonuses, we’re a frequent “Best Value” pick among critics comparing popular home warranty companies.

This Old House writes:

“We rated Select Home Warranty an 89 out of 100 and named it the home warranty company with the “Best Value” of 2022. Its free roof leak coverage, affordable plans, and nationwide availability make it a solid option for homeowners.”

Forbes also gave SHW high praise, stating:

“Select Home Warranty is a quality home warranty provider that offers coverage for common household items and systems… Having made our list of best home warranty companies, Select Home Warranty certainly has its perks.”

Hear what customers have to say about Select Home Warranty

"I do sleep better at night knowing I have Select Home Warranty. I absolutely do."
Leslie C.
Consumer Affairs Accredited
2018 Best in Service by
Top 10 Home Warranty
2019 Editor's Choice
Best of Home Warranty Certified Partner
Editor's Choice Top 10
Shopper Approved 250+ Ratings
2019 Best Home Warranties, consumers advocate
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Sell quickly and confidently with Select Home Warranty.

Now that you know more about the ways a home warranty can benefit you and your client, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to learn how working with Select Home Warranty can result in faster home sales at a higher price. The right coverage can boost your earnings, also addressing the concerns buyers and sellers have while a house is on the market and after it’s sold.

How to sign up and become a home warranty realtor?

If you want to partner with Select Home Warranty, complete the form below. Our representatives will contact you with next steps. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to grow your business and work with one of the best home warranty companies in the nation.

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