Homebuyers Warranty: A Complete Guide

Homebuyer's Warranty: A Complete Guide

Buying a home can feel like a monumental undertaking. Between finding a realtor, looking at houses, placing a bid, applying for loans, scheduling an inspection, completing all that paperwork – well, there’s a lot to take on. In all the commotion, one thing you may hear mentioned is a “home warranty.”

But what is a home warranty, and why do you – a home buyer – need one?

What is a homebuyers warranty?

A homebuyers warranty, most commonly known as a “home warranty,” is a service agreement to cover the cost of repair and replacement of home appliances and systems.

In other words, home warranties cover failures and mechanical breakdowns of the most important systems and appliances in your home. This often includes your:

Shape Created with Sketch. HVAC System
Shape Created with Sketch. Water Heater
Shape Created with Sketch. Plumbing System
Shape Created with Sketch. Electrical System
Shape Created with Sketch. Clothes Washer & Dryer
Shape Created with Sketch. Refrigerator
Shape Created with Sketch. Dishwasher
Shape Created with Sketch. Built-in Microwave
Shape Created with Sketch. And more!

Avoid Unexpected Repair Costs

Shield your wallet from unexpected costs of repairing or
replacing a home appliance.

AC, Average Repair

Avg. repair cost: $350
Avg. replace cost: $5500


Avg. repair cost: $350
Avg. replace cost: $4500

Water Heater

Avg. repair cost: $275
Avg. replace cost: $1500


Avg. repair cost: $285
Avg. replace cost: $900

Plumbing System

Avg. repair cost: $300
Avg. replace cost: $3500


Avg. repair cost: $285
Avg. replace cost: $650

Professionals on Call

Beyond covering repair or replacement costs, a home warranty connects you with qualified service technicians, saving you time finding contractors you can trust.

In short, if you have a home warranty and something goes wrong with a covered system or appliance, your home warranty company handles finding a technician and the costs for repair or replacement.

All you have to do is pay the annual cost of your plan, place a claim whenever there’s a problem, and cover a modest day-of-service fee.

Home Warranty Coverage & Protection Plans Under Your Budget

Start Protecting Your Home Today

Gold Care

$150 off any plan
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Platinum Care

$150 off any plan
Free Roof Coverage ($99 Value)
2 Extra Months Free

Bronze Care

$150 off any plan
Free Roof Coverage ($99 Value)
2 Extra Months Free

Is a homebuyers warranty worth the money?

Absolutely! Home system repair and replacement costs are often far more expensive than the annual cost of a home warranty plan, even if you account for the day-of-service fee required for claims.

Forbes Advisor recommends home warranties, saying:
“A home warranty can be an excellent option to protect your home investment. When coupled with a good homeowners insurance policy, you can have most of your bases covered.”

Bob Vila also writes:
“A good home warranty can protect against unanticipated costs by providing a service contract that covers major home systems and appliances.”

Note that a home warranty is completely different from homeowners insurance. In fact, a home warranty often compliments homeowners insurance, covering things your standard policy won’t touch. Learn More: See what a home warranty covers.

Should I get a home warranty if I’m buying an older home?

Home warranties are absolutely ideal for those purchasing an older house.

When buying a home, unless it’s completely brand-new, you’re likely to have a collection of systems and appliances of varying ages. Fortunately, your home warranty through Select covers major systems and appliances regardless of age.

Hear what customers have to say about Select Home Warranty

"I do sleep better at night knowing I have Select Home Warranty. I absolutely do."
Leslie C.

How do I get a home warranty when buying a home?

There are three ways to get a home warranty when buying a house:

  1. Transfer from the seller to the home buyer.
  2. Purchased through a real estate agent.
  3. Purchased directly through a home warranty company.

Getting a home warranty at the time of purchase is among the most popular times to buy one. However, if you want the most control over your plan, it’s often simpler to buy one yourself, directly through a home warranty company.

Who pays for the home warranty: buyer or seller?

Typically, if a home warranty is offered as part of the sale, the seller will pay for it. This is typically what most people prefer.

Some home warranties, including those through Select, are fully transferable. This means the seller can offer a home warranty to the buyer as part of the sale, providing additional peace of mind and value to the transaction.

Pro Tip: Make sure you secure all repair and maintenance records for the systems and appliances in your home from the seller. These documents can help you down the line, should there ever be a need to submit a claim for service.

Can you buy a home warranty after closing?

You can buy a home warranty at any time. There’s no restriction on when a home warranty can be purchased. For home buyers, this means you can still protect your home (and your wallet) even if a warranty wasn’t included prior to or at the time of closing.

Note that it’s best to get set up with a home warranty as soon as you know you want one. If you sign with Select, your coverage begins after a 30-day grace period from when we receive your first payment. When something goes wrong, you want to be sure you’re protected, so don’t wait too long to get set up with a plan.

A home warranty typically lasts one year from the effective date of your plan.

Where can I buy a home warranty?

While you have plenty of options, we at Select strive to provide home buyers with the best home warranty money can buy. With three plans and options for add-on coverage, we can work out a solution for the best coverage for your home.

It all begins with your FREE quote.

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