Sellers Home Warranty: A Complete Guide

Benefit from the value of a warranty for home sellers.

Selling your home or any residential property is no small task. Naturally, every home seller wants to get the largest return on their investment. While you have your work cut out for you, a sellers home warranty can tip the scales toward a bigger, faster sale.

Unexpected system breakdowns and appliance failures are a serious concern for buyers when purchasing a home. Fortunately, a home warranty solves this problem, adding an extra layer of trust and protection to the home selling process. In this guide, we cover all you need to know about home warranties for sellers:

What does a sellers home warranty cover?

A sellers home warranty is a protection plan to keep the home's systems and appliances operational at a low cost. It covers repair and replacement costs throughout the home, many of which are expensive when paid out of pocket.

The purpose of a sellers warranty is to relieve the homeowner of the financial burden of appliance and system issues. The warranty is in effect both while the house is on the market and after it’s sold.

In its simplest terms, a home warranty covers failures and mechanical breakdowns of the appliances and systems in a home. Such systems and appliances can include:

Shape Created with Sketch. HVAC System
Shape Created with Sketch. Water Heater
Shape Created with Sketch. Plumbing System
Shape Created with Sketch. Electrical System
Shape Created with Sketch. Clothes Washer & Dryer
Shape Created with Sketch. Refrigerator
Shape Created with Sketch. Dishwasher
Shape Created with Sketch. Built-in Microwave
Shape Created with Sketch. And more!

Avoid unexpected repair costs before and after selling your home.

Shield your wallet from unexpected costs of repairing or
replacing a home appliance.

AC, Average Repair

Avg. repair cost: $350
Avg. replace cost: $5,500


Avg. repair cost: $350
Avg. replace cost: $4,500

Water Heater

Avg. repair cost: $275
Avg. replace cost: $1,500


Avg. repair cost: $285
Avg. replace cost: $900

Plumbing System

Avg. repair cost: $300
Avg. replace cost: $3,500


Avg. repair cost: $285
Avg. replace cost: $650

Work with trusted, qualified professionals.

A home warranty connects the current homeowner with qualified technicians, meaning no one will have to hunt down an expert to handle a repair. The home warranty company will manage everything on the homeowner’s behalf.

Home warranty service plans cover a wide array of systems and appliances. That’s why it’s important to find the right one for your needs.

Are home warranties effective immediately?

While coverage goes into effect quickly, most home warranties are not effective immediately. This is why it’s critical to set up a home warranty plan as soon as possible , to ensure there’s no delay in coverage, should something go wrong.

When investing in a warranty through Select, your coverage kicks in after a 30-day grace period from when we get your first payment.

Home sellers will find coverage options for any house or budget.

Start protecting your home today with the best value in home warranties.

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What are the benefits of a sellers home warranty?

There are plenty of reasons for home sellers to purchase a warranty during the property’s listing period.

Here are five more reasons to consider a home warranty as a seller:

1. Get peace of mind while your house is listed for sale.

A sellers home warranty will establish peace of mind, both for you and prospective buyers.

When selling a house, it’s your responsibility to keep the property maintained until the deal closes. If an appliance or system breaks while the house is on the market, a home warranty will relieve you of financial stress . After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a bill for a major repair or replacement if something breaks while your property is listed for sale.

If a covered appliance breaks down, all you’ll pay is a small service fee, regardless of whether you need repair or replacement.

Buyers will feel more confident in their purchase, as well. A home warranty assures them that any issues up to that point have been handled and that there is a much lower risk of unwanted repair or replacement costs after they move in. This makes for a great incentive to buy.

In fact, the home buyer may also request a home warranty as part of the sale. When comparing sellers vs buyers home warranties, the coverage for the home is the same. The only a difference is who pays for the coverage fee and when.

2. They’re easily transferred to the buyer.

One of the greatest benefits a home warranty offers is that they are fully transferable with the sale of the home. Not only will you benefit from financial protection while owning the house, but after the sale, so will the buyer.

If you’re worried you’re wasting your money on a warranty for a home you’re selling, rest assured, this isn’t the case at all.

Transferring coverage to a new owner through Select is easy! If you have an existing service contract with us and would like to transfer coverage to a new owner, please call 855-267-3532.

Important: When transferring a home warranty to the new homeowner, provide them with all of the repair and maintenance records you have for the systems and appliances in your home.

3. They’re especially great for older homes.

Home warranties are particularly valuable for older homes. Older houses tend to have a mishmash of appliances and systems of varying ages. While things may be working now, even with proper maintenance, everything breaks down eventually.

Likewise, many of the manufacturer warranties on appliances and systems in older homes may have expired, leaving you and the buyer with no coverage at all. Fortunately, with a home warranty, you won’t be paying the full cost of repair or replacement out of pocket if an older appliance or system breaks down.

A home warranty through Select covers systems and appliances regardless of age. So, if you have an older home, you may find even more reason to get a warranty plan when listing your house for sale.

4. Home warranties limit post-sale disputes.

Few things can feel as frustrating as a post-sale dispute. Nothing is worse than finalizing the home’s sale only to be contacted by a realtor or new home owner about an undisclosed problem.

Fortunately, home warranties can mitigate many of these matters. If an appliance breaks or home system malfunctions unexpectedly after the sale, the buyer will not have to contact you. The buyer simply needs to contact the home warranty company to submit their claim. You don’t need to be involved at all.

5. You’re covered for things homeowners insurance won’t touch.

While homeowners insurance is important – essential, even – it doesn’t cover everything. A home warranty works together with homeowners insurance to protect your investment.

While a homeowners insurance policy protects your home against accidents, such as fires, fallen trees, flood damage, and theft, it won’t cover problems with the HVAC system, issues with plumbing line, or clothes washer and dryer breakdowns.

That’s where a home warranty comes in, providing coverage that homeowners insurance lacks.

Learn More: See what a home warranty covers.

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How can sellers purchase a home warranty?

As a home seller, you have plenty of choices when it comes to a home warranty. At Select, we make it our mission to provide sellers with an affordable home warranty that offers great value and coverage for the appliances and home systems within their property.

Beyond our three standard plans, we also have add-on coverage options, making it easy to find the perfect coverage solution for any home.

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