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Who Orders the Home Warranty? Buyer vs Seller

Buyer vs seller home warranties: Learn about who orders the home warranty and gain peace of mind. | SHW Blog

Buying or selling a home is an exciting but stressful ordeal. There are many questions each party needs answered. While realtors offer great guidance, not all know to work with a home warranty provider.

Having a home warranty when buying a new home can save you money and prevent major headaches down the line. Both the seller and buyer stand to benefit from having a home warranty as part of the sale of the home, but whose responsibility is it to sign up?

This is a very common question. Learn about the process of obtaining a home warranty for the sale of a home and gain peace of mind that the home’s appliances and systems are taken care of. Feel free to call us now if you have any questions: 860-288-4791

Who orders the home warranty?

The seller of the home typically orders the home warranty.

When the seller of the home offers a home warranty as part of the sale, the buyer will have an easy transition and steps to take if a home appliance or system malfunctions.

Offering a home warranty as part of the sale is an added benefit to the buyer and can help entice closure of the sale. Realtors often suggest this to smooth out the process. Select Home Warranty is here to provide this service at an affordable price.

Seller Home Warranty

When the seller purchases a home warranty, they are connecting with a home warranty provider to protect the appliances and systems of the home. These areas of the home include the home’s heating and cooling system, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, electrical system, and many other optional coverages such as the garbage disposal, pool pump, well pump, sprinkler system, and more.

The best part of a seller home warranty is that when an appliance or system has a breakdown, the new buyer won’t have to contact the previous seller for help. Everything can be handled through the home warranty provider, relieving the previous seller of any involvement in the process.

The seller must make sure all maintenance history is given to the new buyer. If the refrigerator has gone through a previous repair, for example, the home warranty provider will ask for this information from the buyer if the refrigerator acts up again.

Seller Home Warranty Benefits:

  • Entice the buyer of the home with this added benefit so they know the home’s appliances and systems are protected and the sale may close sooner.
  • Relieve yourself of having to deal with any buyer’s remorse if there is a problem with a home system or appliance.
  • Discuss this option with your realtor to have your maintenance and repair records in order and to easily transfer the home warranty into the buyer’s name.

Buyer Home Warranty

Buying a home warranty for a new home isn’t exclusive to the seller. The buyer will have to communicate with the seller if there have been any issues with the home’s appliances and systems in the past in order to receive a record of previous repairs, and then the home warranty provider can take it from there.

New home buyers can easily purchase a home warranty. When purchasing a home, it’s important to set a budget, and paying a monthly or annual fee towards your home warranty will prevent sudden expensive repairs or replacements down the line.

Home buyers can also request from the home seller to purchase a home warranty before selling the home. It is a small cost compared to the total sale and can significantly help both parties. If you’re working with a realtor, they can see this is included during the sale and that all paperwork is in order.

Buyer Home Warranty Benefits:

  • Save on the high sudden cost of repairing or replacing a home system or appliance.
  • Budget easily each month or annually to keep your finances in order.
  • Gain peace of mind that Select Home Warranty will be there when you have an unexpected breakdown.

When to buy a home warranty?

One of the best times to buy a home warranty is when selling or purchasing a new home.

There’s no bad time to buy a home warranty as long as you wait until after the 30-day grace period to place a claim.

Before summer or winter is a popular time to purchase a home warranty, too. It’s important to keep up with the home’s temperature and a home warranty will protect your heating or cooling system if it breaks down.

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