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Should I Extend My Home Warranty?

Should I extend my home warranty? | SHW Blog

The decision to extend a home warranty is sometimes taken for granted. You might wonder, “Based on my experience this year, is it even worth extending my home warranty?

If you’re unsure about extending your home warranty, it might come down to your expenses. Whether you’re close to the holidays and prioritizing a budget or preparing for a vacation, a home warranty can sometimes feel like a low priority.

On the other hand, your home warranty offers protection not only when you need it, but also around the clock.


Why Extend A Home Warranty?

If you have existing home warranty coverage and didn’t use it, you may be asking, “Why should I extend my home warranty?”

The answer’s simple: an appliance or system breakdown could strike when you least expect it, and it often will. Having a home warranty can alleviate the stress of dealing with this type of issue.

When you have a home warranty through Select, we’ll quickly begin working on your claim, helping you get your life back to normal by finding a qualified technician for repairs or replacement. 

You should also know that MarketWatch has recommended Select Home Warranty, highlighting us as a “great option for cost-conscious homeowners.” Our low prices and quick claims response won’t break the bank and will get your home back to normal quickly.

Extending your home warranty, depending on how long your home warranty lasts, means renewing your agreement. This is usually an annual agreement paid monthly.

All homeowners who received a home warranty when buying their home will have an option to extend their home warranty, as well.

Is A Home Warranty A Waste Of Money?

Some opinions on home warranties don’t factor in all considerations on why they are worth it. On one hand, much like insurance, there may be periods of time when your appliances are working correctly and you won’t need to submit a claim. On the other hand, home warranties are a blessing when something goes wrong.

When living in an older home, repairs and replacements can quickly become common. Some may have a tighter monthly budget and won’t be able to afford high repair costs or the price of a new appliance in an emergency situation. 

You may also rather not endure the headache of comparing service companies or finding the right replacement parts for breakdowns that occur. When a major appliance fails, it pulls time away from your family and can cause a great deal of stress for everyone in the home.

Having a home warranty plan connects you to the right resources for getting your home in order and can be a relief for everyone you live with. Families with younger children may find home warranties are a great option for reducing stress when things start to go wrong.

A home warranty can be the right choice for any type of homeowner who wishes to have a plan for when appliances are out of order. Keep in mind, there are many things to consider when deciding whether a home warranty is worth it.

At the end of the day, a home warranty offers you home coverage year-round. You may experience a broken refrigerator at only one point during the year, but you can rest easy knowing you had peace of mind throughout the rest of the year. With a home warranty, an emergency won’t set your finances back.

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Learn why to extend or renew your home warranty to save money and reduce the chaos in your home. | SHW Blog

What Does A Home Warranty Mean?

When we invest in our families and in our homes, we often dwell on long-term challenges that are out of our control.

Home warranties mean being able to call on your provider for a repair or replacement when you experience an appliance or system breakdown. The value of a home warranty comes down to this:

How much is “peace of mind” worth?

With a home warranty, you won’t have to worry about whether the oven will act up before Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, every day will have the same level of protection as on your worst days. No matter how hectic life gets, a home system or appliance breakdown won’t force you to put your life on pause.

Select Home Warranty is here to shield your home and your wallet from costly sudden repairs.

Why Do Realtors Recommend Home Warranties?

Many sources, such as Real Estate Info Guide, are in agreement that a home warranty is a big plus for sellers. Realtors push for sellers to have a home warranty because buyers want the security a home warranty can provide with their new home.

Providing a buyer with a year’s worth of home warranty coverage can boost the value of your home, especially if you are in a competitive market.

A home warranty can also protect you if you are in the process of selling your home and experience an appliance or system breakdown. Instead of having to change your selling timeline due to time-consuming and costly repairs, you can leave it to your home warranty company to set things right.

1. Should I extend my home warranty if it only came with my new house?

Many homeowners have a home warranty from buying their home. Home warranties are perfect for transitioning between two owners.

In the case of a breakdown, there won’t be any dispute about who should cover it — the previous owner for not warning about the problem, or the current owner who is now in possession. If you extend a home warranty on your home, you’re covering your appliances and systems against another year of risk.

2. Should I extend my home warranty if I didn’t use it?

If you didn’t use your home warranty this year, extending your home warranty could mean counting on coverage when you need it down the line.

As your appliances and systems grow older, you are more likely to need a home warranty. Even when appliances seem to be in good condition, a mechanical mishap often happens without warning.

The security of knowing that your appliances and systems are covered throughout the year is more than enough incentive to extend your home warranty.

3. Should I change my home warranty plan before I renew?

Not all home warranty plans are created equal. Coverage depends on the plans you sign up for.

Major home systems and home appliances are typically covered, which is the case with Select Home Warranty’s Platinum Care Plan. You might want to upgrade to this all-inclusive plan, or you might want to add-on with optional coverage. 

Optional coverage includes pools, wells, garage doors, second refrigerators, lawn sprinklers, and much more. If you’ve made improvements to your home over the course of the year, you should take a second look at your home warranty to see if you can gain coverage on those areas.

Extend Your Peace of Mind

A home warranty can provide peace of mind for any type of homeowner. It has also been proven to be a big selling point for home buyers as well. If you currently have a home warranty, extending your current coverage will continue to provide security for you and your family, saving you time and money in the long run.

If you’re still unsure if a home warranty is the right choice, you can receive a FREE quote today to compare our coverage against others. Call us now: 860-288-4791