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How Long Does a Home Warranty Last?

How long does a home warranty last? We offer annual contracts with up to two months free! | SHW Blog

When you purchase a home warranty, it’s a unique agreement to care for your home’s appliance and system needs.

While you can choose which parts of your home are covered with a variety of cost options, the timing of when you will need a home warranty is also important.

The question of how long your coverage will last is an essential part of deciding on coverage. This will help with your method of budgeting and weighing the costs against the life of the home’s appliances or systems.

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The length of your warranty.

How long does a Select Home Warranty last?

Answer: 1 year from the agreement’s date.

When it comes to the time frame on your home warranty, Select Home Warranty offers annual agreements.

Select Home Warranty does offer variety to coverage plans so that you’ll always have the appliance and home system protection you deserve. This means you can customize which areas of your home are covered from mechanical breakdown. However, no matter the warranty yo usign up with, it will be a standard of 1 year with auto-renewal after paying the first month towards the new year.

 You can choose to purchase your home warranty with an annual payment or with monthly payments, making it easier to budget and afford throughout the year.

With the length of your home warranty lasting the full 12 months, keep in mind your home warranty also has a grace period of 30 days before it kicks in after we receive payment. 

When you purchase with Select Home Warranty, we often run special offers including two extra months free – so be on the lookout while browsing our home warranty plans!

DID YOU KNOW: You can either pay monthly or annually towards your home warranty!

For how long will my home warranty cover old appliances?

Can my old appliances receive coverage the same as my new appliances?

Answer: Yes! No matter the age of your appliance or home system, Select Home Warranty will cover it under the terms of service.

As long as the damage is done due to standard mechanical wear and tear according to the terms, Select Home Warranty will help coordinate and cover the solution to your breakdown.

Be sure to have available any records on previous maintenance repairs which are required in some circumstances.

Renewing your home warranty

Will I have to renew my warranty each year?

No, your home warranty with SHW will be auto-renewed when paid into the first month of the new year.

Renewing your home warranty means your annual agreement is continued into next year, offering you peace of mind through four more seasons in your home.

When you pay your first month into the new agreement, you automatically enroll in a new year.

If you’d like to cancel your warranty before it renews, contact us in writing 30 days prior to the termination date.

Why Select Home Warranty?

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We’re committed to helping you maintain a peaceful and stress-free home when it comes to mechanical breakdowns. Having an oven, refrigerator, heating system, or other essential home system or appliance malfunction can throw a wrench in your family’s plans. With coverage on your home’s appliances and systems, you’ll have us to call on instead.

Year-round, Select Home Warranty is here to protect your home and your wallet. Get a free quote today to start guarding your family from home appliance and system breakdowns.