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What to Do When Your Freezer Won’t Freeze

Learn what to do when your freezer won't freeze and coverage for mechanical damage. | SHW Blog

Your freezer has one job: keep the food cold at a steady, freezing temperature. When your freezer won’t freeze, your food will spoil and water might leak, costing you money, tonight’s dinner and a major headache.

There are a few common issues that could be the reason behind your freezer’s malfunction. Often, these can be helped with routine cleaning and maintenance.

If you find your freezer still won’t freeze, you could have a mechanical issue on your hands.

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5 Troubleshooting Tips for Freezers

The freezer is an essential home appliance. Without it, cooking dinner for the family becomes very disappointing.

It’s important to routinely maintain your refrigerator to make sure it lasts longer, and the freezer requires special additional care.

1. Defrost and clean the freezer.

If your freezer contains a build up of ice on the inside, it’s running very inefficiently. The layer of ice causes your freezer to work extra hard and will start to fail at freezing your food.

Start by unplugging the freezer or refrigerator. Wait for the ice to soften, and if you’re feeling impatient, consider using a fan, blow dryer, or pot of hot water on a shelf to help melt the ice. Be sure to clean up the ice as it melts with a towel and proceed to gently scrape away the ice. Use a wooden or plastic tool for scraping to avoid damaging the inside of your freezer.

Once the ice is gone, use a solution of hot water, dish soap, and baking soda to wipe down the inside and dry down with a towel. Proceed to plug in your freezer or refrigerator again and allow time for the temperature to drop to freezing. If your food doesn’t seem to be freezing the next day, it could be a different issue.

2. Check the seal around the door.

Another very common reason for a freezer to not freeze is if the seal is broken. This may happen from continuous wear and tear or if it’s damaged by a sharp object by accident.

One very useful tip is to use a dollar bill or small piece of paper around the door. Repeatedly close the door on the piece of paper in different areas and test if the paper slides out easily. The door should not give when you attempt to pull the paper out of the door. If the paper slides out, your seal is leaking cold air and should be replaced.

3. Clean the coils on the back of your freezer.

Freezers require a lot of energy to run. An early sign that your fridge or freezer is nearing the end is when the coils on your fridge are excessively heating up.

Unplug and pull out the fridge or freezer from the wall. On refrigerators and up-right freezers, the condenser coils are easy to find on the back. For chest coolers, these coils may be on the back or bottom and guarded by a panel that must be removed. Be sure the coils are not obstructed by trash or debris that might have fallen behind by accident, then use a bristle brush and vacuum to clean the area for dust.

Plug in your refrigerator or freezer again and watch it over time to see if it continues to overheat.

Freezer Home Warranties

Look out for the signs that your refrigerator needs replacing. Refrigerators can last up to 19 years and cost an average of $1,500.

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