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Do Home Warranties Cover Ductwork?

Home warranties on ductwork will help save on energy and improve air quality in your home. | SHW Blog

We all know the importance of caring for your home. Annual maintenance and keeping on the lookout for warning signs will save you a lot in the long run — but not everyone considers the importance of ductwork.

Each home with an HVAC system also contains ductwork for circulating air in the home. This is sometimes not a straightforward system and requires special attention including coverage with a ductwork home warranty.

Not everyone knows that caring for your ductwork is actually considered separate from caring for your HVAC system. Where your heating and cooling system requires unique maintenance, your ductwork will also require attention.

Ductwork Home Warranty

Depending on your home warranty contract, some companies might not cover your ductwork when it comes to repairs and replacements. With Select Home Warranty, you can rest easy knowing we cover your ductwork when purchasing a plan to include your home’s systems.

Covering your home’s heating and cooling systems with a home warranty is very common. The age of your appliances doesn’t matter, such as if you’re looking for home warranty coverage on an old HVAC.

When you notice a problem with your ductwork, such as strange whistling noises due to cracks, popping sounds due to air pressure issues, or poor air circulation with unusual energy bills, it may be time to place a claim. Select will help connect you to a qualified service technician to diagnose the problem and fix it. A ductwork home warranty ensures Select will cover your repair or replacement costs.

There are a few rare exceptions with a ductwork home warranty, such as if your ductwork was improperly sized when installed, so be sure to understand your terms of service.

Ductwork Maintenance

Clogged and dusty vents will cause serious problems over time. Not only will you have a higher energy bill from your HVAC working extra hard, your family will also develop illnesses due to trapped dust particles.

Mold and dust may be secretly wreaking havoc on your home. Don’t allow mold to spread as this can be detrimental to your home and is not covered by a home warranty.

Along with maintaining your home’s air conditioner annually, be sure to properly clean your air duct system every 3-5 years. Regularly use a vacuum cleaner with a hose along with a damp microfiber cloth to take care of your or supply register, or the opening where air is released to your rooms.

You may decide to clean your full air duct system on your own. To do this, you’ll start by covering the supply registers with paper towels. Then, you’ll need a long brush to knock dust loose, a vacuum to pull dust through as it exits the ductwork, a screwdriver to remove the supply register for better access, and a new furnace filter to replace at the end.

Ductwork home warranties don’t cover routine cleaning, but if a mechanical problem occurs, don’t hesitate to place your claim.

Take a look at our plans and receive a FREE quote today and compare your coverage options. Cover the air ducts in your home to shield your health and your wallet.