Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is a Home Warranty?

      A home warranty is a service contract, usually covering one year, which helps protect homeowners against the cost of unexpected covered repairs on their major systems and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear.

I’m selling my home. Why would I want a home warranty?

    A Select Home Warranty gives buyers additional confidence in a real estate transaction—they know that Select stands behind the covered systems or appliances in the house. If they break down, buyers are covered for repair. An added benefit to the seller is that buyers will be calling us with their problems — not you.
  • I’m in the market for a home. What’s the benefit of buying a home covered by a Select Home Warranty?

    A warranty from Select helps provide protection during and after a home purchase. When a covered system or appliance breaks down due to normal wear and tear, you’re protected for repair. There’s no need to get back in touch with the real estate agent or track down the previous owner.
  • My home systems and appliances are old. Does that matter to Select?

    No, the age of a home or its systems and appliances does not matter to Select. We cover items that are in good working condition at the time you purchase the plan and properly maintained. Plus, Select covers all makes and models of appliances and systems.
  • What if I have an emergency?

    Our claims department is available by email at 24 hours, a day 7 days a week.
  • Does Select need to inspect my home systems and appliances before I enroll?

    No, Select home warranty coverage does not require a home inspection to purchase.
  • Is there a limit to the number of repairs Select covers?

    No, Select Home Warranty allows an unlimited number of covered repairs.
  • What is a trade service call fee?

    A trade service call fee is the amount due when a contractor visits your home. Each type of breakdown falls into a “trade” category, for example: a leaky pipe qualifies as a plumbing breakdown, while a broken dishwasher is an appliance breakdown.

    Since it may require more than one contractor or several unrelated trips to the house by the same contractor (once to fix the pipe, another to fix the dishwasher), there is a fee due for each “trade” a service call covers. It’s perfectly alright to report more than one breakdown at a time. Additional fees may apply if the repairs fall into different categories.
  • Is a warranty plan from Select renewable?

    Yes, warranty-holders may renew their Select plan (at the option of Select). Select Home Warranty will notify the homeowner in advance of the expiration date, and Select will offer a variety of convenient payment plans.
  • I hold Homeowner’s Insurance. Why do I need a home warranty?

    Your homeowner’s insurance is hazard insurance and covers items damaged in fires, by water, by wind or other covered events. A home warranty repairs items that break down on their own through normal wear and tear.
  • When does coverage begin and when does it end?

    Coverage for your home’s major systems and appliances begins 30 days after you sign up with Select, and the coverage lasts for one year.
  • Do you offer Discounts for multiple year coverage?

    Yes we do. Please call us at 855-267-3532 to speak to a representative about multiple year options.
  • Does Select Home Warranty cover condos and multiple units?

    Yes. Please call 855-267-3532 for pricing.
  • What is the process to sign up?

    You can simply sign up online or call us at 855-267-3532. We accept all major credit cards as well as checks.
  • I am selling my home, can Select Home Warranty send me an invoice so the funds can be taken from escrow at closing?

    Yes. Select Home Warranty representatives are standing by to assist you.
  • Do you cover rental properties?

    We cover rental properties, mobile homes, manufactured homes, single family and multiple units as well as condos.
  • What is the process if I have a claim?

    Simply email us at 24 hours a day and we will dispatch a local service technician to handle your claim promptly.
  • What does a home warranty cover?

    A home warranty is designed to protect the homeowner from the surprise expense of a mechanical breakdown to a system or appliance. For a low annual fee you can have the peace of mind that your home is protected. Call now to get more information.