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How Do Home Warranties Work? 6 Steps

What is a home warranty? A family reads about it on the SHW blog. | SHW Blog

When an appliance stops working, there’s no need for panic if you have a home warranty.

There are countless reasons why you might get upset by an appliance or home system acting up. You might turn on your air conditioner for the first time this year only for it to blow warm air. Or, you may have gone to run your dishwasher ahead of inviting guests over only for it to leave a puddle on your kitchen floor.

We’ll walk you through the steps of fixing these problems. With Select Home Warranty, you’ll have peace of mind while protecting both your home and your wallet form costly repairs.

How Do Home Warranties Work?

Step 1 – Sign up for home warranty coverage.

To start, get a free quote to choose a home warranty from our three options: Bronze, Silver or Platinum.

Our most popular plan is Platinum to cover all of your home systems and home appliances. Take a look at optional coverage to cover unique features of your home such as your pool, garage door, ceiling fans, wells, and more. Compare your home insurance vs home warranty to know the difference in this common coverage.

Step 2 – Lookout for mechanical problems.

Once your home warranty kicks in 30 days from signing, you can now relax knowing you’re covered! When a mechanical issue occurs, you can rely on SHW to help fix the problem according to your terms.

Come August, you might notice your refrigerator is showing some troubling signs. Maybe the coils on the back are too hot to touch, the food on the inside is not cold enough, or there’s suddenly a puddle under the fridge. What do you do next?

Step 3 – Place a claim.

Visit selecthomewarranty.com and submit a claim online or call us at 1-855-267-3532.

Let us know the information needed, such as your name, address, policy number and details on the problem. We use this information to get the process started.

Step 4 – Select Home Warranty will assign a qualified service technician to you.

Once we have the information needed, we’ll send the problem through to our network of service technicians.

We have partnerships across the country to help solve appliance and home system issues. This way, you won’t have to spend time searching for the right person to get the job done. Select will do it for you!

Step 5 – The service technician will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment.

You have the freedom to schedule the appointment on your terms.

The qualified service technician will reach out to your directly to schedule the best time to come work on your appliance or system.

Step 6 – Watch the technician fix the problem!

Your technician will arrive and assess the problem. They may be able to fix it right away, and Select will cover the cost of repair or replacement according to your terms. The only cost to you is a modest day-of service fee.

In some situations, your problem could require more parts. This may cause the technician to leave and return, so be prepared to follow the guidance of the dispatched expert.

Get a FREE quote today to save in the future! Protect your home and your wallet from costly repairs and sudden replacements.