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Home Warranty Coverages: What is “Optional” Coverage?

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There’s no place like home!

This means your home warranty coverage should be as unique as your property. Home warranty optional coverage allows you to care for all of your family’s most important parts of the home.

While all homes have areas in common such as a kitchen and living room, not all homes have areas in common such as a pool or garage. Did you know you can purchase home warranty optional coverage for these less common parts of your home?

Select Home Warranty is here to protect your home and your wallet from costly repairs. This means we even offer coverage for areas other home warranty providers don’t always cover.

What is Home Warranty “Optional” Coverage?

Home Warranty Optional Coverage is repair or replacement coverage for non-major home systems and appliances to add on to your standard home warranty coverage. Optional coverage will take care of mechanical problems on the following areas of your home:

When you get your free quote on a home warranty with Select Home Warranty, you’ll be able to choose from one of three plans: Bronze, Silver or Platinum.

Platinum is our most popular plan, which is the most inclusive on covering areas of your home.

Standard Home Warranty Coverage offers coverage for repair or replacement costs on appliances and/or systems in your home. The Platinum plan includes all of the following:

The Platinum plan can be purchased for as little as $38 per month and comes with FREE roof coverage! For as little as an additional $3.33/month you can add on optional coverage to unique areas of your home.

Try for yourself to see all of your home warranty coverage options and receive your complete quote today.

How to Get Home Warranty Optional Coverage?

Learn about how a home warranty works if you’re unsure about getting your free quote.

Getting home warranty optional coverage is easy. When you sign up for a standard plan, you can easily select the additional options relevant to your unique home. Just like when a standard home appliance or system breaks, such as your water heater, you can call us at 1-855-267-3532 or submit your claim online to fix the optional area, such as your well pump.

When you experience a mechanical problem with an appliance or system covered under your terms, don’t hesitate to submit your claim and we’ll connect you with a service technician in no time.

What are you waiting for? Start comparing home warranty coverages today and sign up for your FREE quote!