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Do Home Warranties Cover Mold, Termites, or Radon?

Do home warranties cover mold? Learn about home warranty coverage. | SHW Blog

Breakdowns around the home are alarming, but some issues in your home are silent until it’s too late. When it comes to mold, termites and radon, these problems can slowly cause damage and ruin your peace of mind.

Home warranties are here to shield your wallet and your home from costly mechanical repairs. Your covered repairs and replacements come according to your terms of service on home systems and appliances, so always be aware of the type of coverage you’ve signed up for and the areas of the home that are covered.

With that said, mold, termites and radon can pose a major risk to your home. But are these covered under your home warranty?

Do home warranties cover mold?

The answer is no. Most – if not all – home warranty providers do not cover mold or damage caused by mold spores (i.e. “consequential damages”).

Fortunately, your home warranty can still help you when it comes to mold. While you’re not covered for mold or the damage caused by mold spores, your coverage may include roof leaks and plumbing issues – two primary causes of mold in homes.

Mold can be prevented by detecting leaks early and dealing with water damage.

This is important! Prevention is oftentimes much cheaper than the repair.

Do home warranties cover termites?

No. Home warranties primarily cover home systems and appliances, including plumbing systems, HVAC systems, and water heaters. Roof coverage is also available, but this does not typically include damage caused by wood-eating insects, such as termites.

Actual termite damage can be costly to repair. Between the removal of termites and fixing the areas they destroyed, you could be looking at a large, frustrating project with an equally large and frustrating bill. You could take a look at your homeowners insurance to seek coverage.

Termites prefer moist soil in warm, dark places. By ensuring your home systems are well-maintained and properly functioning, you may decrease the risk of infestation by keeping things dry. That unchecked roof or appliance leak could have been repaired under your home warranty, after all.

Do home warranties cover radon mitigation?

While radon testing and mitigation is not typically included under a home warranty.

Radon is an odorless, radioactive, cancer-causing gas that can be present in any home, regardless of how well-maintained it may be. It can enter through cracks in your foundation or through well water. This means that the presence of radon is generally unrelated to the functionality of your home systems and appliances.

It’s recommended you have your home tested regularly for radon. While radon-ridden homes can be treated, it’s unlikely this treatment will be covered by your home warranty.

What are my options if I have a problem with mold, termites, or radon?

When it comes to mold, termites and radon, it’s always advised that you work with a professional. All three can be dangerous to your health, as well as the health of your house.

· Mold can be treated, but prevention is always preferred. Keep your home systems in check with a home warranty. Additionally, do what you can to make your home an unwelcome environment for spores.

· For termites, work with a local pest control company. Certain pest control companies in your area may even offer a termite warranty. Search your area for a reputable company and see what they can do for you.

· Radon testing can be done yourself or through a professional. There are also measures for removing radon from your home and ways to prevent it from getting into your house in the first place.

While Select Home Warranty doesn’t cover repair or removal of mold, termites, and radon, we can keep your systems and appliances working like new.

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