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Septic System Home Warranty: Do Septic Tanks Have Warranties?

What is a septic tank warranty? Learn how to cover your septic system and watch for these troubling signs. | SHW Blog

Septic systems are no laughing matter. A warranty on your septic system can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and an uninhabitable situation. Don’t ignore the bad omens of a septic system failure. They will only get worse.

You might use the bathroom only to find the water is backing up, or your bathtub might start to drain slowly when you take a shower. Keep an eye on the plumbing throughout your home acting up at once, and especially keep a nose on any odors lurking around the outside of your home where your tank is buried.

By the time a puddle appears over your lawn, you’re sure to have a problem. A septic system warranty will have you covered.

Septic System Warranty Coverage

If you’ve noticed some of the troubling signs, you’re first thought might be if you can have any damage covered by your homeowner’s insurance. When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, coverage applies to accidents, and often does not include systems outside of your home.

This leaves you with needing a home warranty to cover your septic system in the case of mechanical mishaps and breakdowns.

When covering your septic system, a home warranty is meant to protect your appliance or home system from breakdown when it comes to the mechanical parts of your asset. When including septic system coverage, your plan will cover the following parts:

  1. Aerobic pump
  2. Sewage ejector
  3. Jet pump
  4. Septic Tank

If you suspect your septic system is acting up, don’t hesitate to place a claim. A septic system warranty is meant to protect your home from the sudden burden of a breakdown, and septic systems come with troubling warning signs. You might notice your sink is draining very slowly, or sewage could be backing up in your sinks and toilets.

Not only will your home warranty protect your septic system, Select offers packages to cover many of your home’s appliances and systems, as well as add-on coverage for parts of your home such as pools and garage doors.

Similar to your septic system, the plumbing can become a major issue very quickly.

Plumbing Stoppages & Septic Coverage

A plumbing stoppage is a major hassle. Taking a look is sometimes the only way to find out if there’s a more serious issue.

When you’ve tried all the best ways to clear your drain, it’s time to find an expert. Select Home Warranty will help you find a service technician to get the job done.

Your warranty plan when covering this system will include stoppages in the drain and vent, and sewer lines up to 100 ft from the access point unless caused by growth.

Get a FREE quote today for septic system warranty coverage before a major breakdown. Gain peace of mind for your family and protect your wallet from costly repairs.