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The 4 Best States For Homeowners To Have A Home Warranty

A row of homes in an extreme climate that are suited to have protection on home appliances. | SHW Blog

All homeowners can benefit from shielding their homes from appliance breakdowns with a home warranty. Home warranty protection brings peace of mind while helping you avoid the hefty costs of mechanical issues with your home’s major systems.

When it comes to purchasing a home warranty, there are certain parts of the country where homes could use extra protection and stand to benefit even more than other regions of the United States. These homes are either exposed to environments where mechanical damage is likely to occur, or are located in areas where homeowners would end up saving even more than they would in other parts of the country.

1. Iowa

Generally, one of the biggest draws for purchasing a warranty for your home is that it saves money in the long run. A monthly payment ends up being less expensive than a major cost down the line.

Homeowners in Iowa would benefit most from this savings because homes in Iowa are also among the least expensive in the country, as housing is 18.6% less expensive there than the country’s average. Other states on this list include Georgia, Nebraska, and Alabama. A savvy homeowner will take advantage of those reduced costs to fully protect their home.

2. Texas

Your most expensive appliances control heating and cooling, and in states that experience extreme heat, you’ll want to make sure your home’s cooling system is reliable.

Texas is one of the hottest states in the country, rivaled by Louisiana and Hawaii. To go without the air conditioning for a short time in these states can be dangerous. With a home warranty that covers your cooling system, the costs of having your air conditioning repaired or replaced due to mechanical damage would be covered.

3. Alaska

On the other end of the spectrum, the coldest state in the country is Alaska, which is even colder than North Dakota. Eastern states along Canada’s border are also worth mentioning, including Maine and Vermont.

Temperatures in these states hit dangerous lows, and homes that go without heat are uninhabitable in the winter – something of serious concern to residents. To protect your heating system from mechanical damage through the coldest months, purchase a home warranty.

4. Florida

States with high humidity, such as Florida, also pose greater risk to your appliances, and especially your refrigerator. Your fridge is one of your more expensive appliances, and in parts of the country where it needs to work extra hard to keep your groceries cool, it’s also more likely to require maintenance.

It’s easy to tell when your refrigerator has been damaged by the humidity, because it will start “sweating” and coils on the back will start to overheat. A service professional would take care of these problems through your home warranty, or replace the appliance if it is covered and beyond repair.

If you live in New York, Nevada, Washington, or Wisconsin, you won’t be able to buy a home warranty with us, but you can check out our home warranty blog where we offer home maintenance tips.

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