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Dryer Not Spinning? 5 Common Problems

Troubleshoot your dryer with these 5 common problems or rely on us to cover repair or replacement costs. | SHW Blog

Weekly chores are difficult enough. When the dryer stops spinning, drying the laundry becomes a whole different task, stealing your attention away from more important home duties.

Unfortunately, issues with a dryer that won’t spin usually require mechanical repair and replacing parts that are worn down. Most people aren’t comfortable with taking apart this appliance on their own, for good reason!

With a home warranty, your dryer is protected in the case of mechanical damage. Know the signs it’s time to replace the dryer, and learn about home warranty coverage, which covers repair and replacement costs no matter the appliance’s age.

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Top 5 Reasons for a Dryer to Stop Spinning

Dryers are tough appliances to troubleshoot. Before you begin, know your dryer’s exact manufacturing information, found on the inside of the door. This can help you figure out the right parts required for your dryer.

Consider these five common issues and don’t hesitate to place a claim for Select Home Warranty’s coverage when your appliances or systems experience an issue. Note that if you have coverage, we require a 30-day grace period from the time coverage begins.

1. The dryer belt

The most common reason for your dryer to stop spinning is if the dryer belt has broken. Your dryer works by spinning a rotating barrel in a clock-like fashion. This is done by a belt that wraps around the barrel and wears down over time, requiring replacement. Replacing the belt calls for disassembly of the dryer to reveal the barrel.

2. The drum roller

Your dryer likely contains two to three rollers that support the base of the barrel as it rolls. These look like small wheels at the base of your dryer’s barrel and sit on axles. Listen for a squeaking sound while your dryer is turned on as this could be an indicator that your rollers are having an issue.

3. The drum glide

Dryers contain a small plastic piece to reduce friction between the front of the dryer and the dryer barrel. When this piece wears down or gets caught in the wrong place, the dryer’s drive motor will stress and not be able to spin.

4. The drum bearing

The back of your dryer’s barrel contains a drum bearing at its center, which holds the barrel in place as it spins. If this bearing is worn out, it will prevent the dryer from spinning and you might hear a loud grinding noise from the back of the dryer.

5. The blower wheel

Your dryer’s drive motor contains a blower wheel. When this wheel is obstructed, it could cause the motor to no longer work. There are many reasons for a dryer’s drive motor to fail and must be troubleshooted for precisely the reason. In the end, most times a failed motor must be replaced.

Why Home Warranty Coverage for Dryers?

A dryer that stops spinning is a mechanical issue, which can be tough to do yourself. Dryers are complicated appliances that require disassembly to fix and very unique parts to replace. Professional technicians have access to all of the knowledge, tools and parts necessary to fix your dryer.

With Select Home Warranty, we offer coverage on mechanical damage to your washer and dryer, including all modules, components and parts of the clothes washer and clothes dryer necessary to their functionality.

In the case of a dryer that won’t spin, you could easily place a claim online or over the phone and we’ll help coordinate the right technician for the job. You would owe a modest day-of service fee, and we would cover any repair or replacement costs according to your terms.

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