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How to Clean & Maintain a Jetted Tub or Spa

Everyone has their happy place. For some, that place is relaxing on the couch, while for others it’s relaxing in the hot tub.

Your jetted tub or spa requires routine cleaning and maintenance to remain operable. After a long day, no one expects a mishap to occur just as they’re settling down. Following steps to keep your spa up and running will save your peace of mind for when you need it most.

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4 Steps to Clean a Jetted Tub

Luckily, the steps to clean your tub are simple. These steps can apply to your jetted tub, hot tub or spa for easy routine cleaning.

When it comes to a hot tub, the water should be treated with standard chemicals to sanitize and shock the water regularly, much like a pool. However, this water is not often drained entirely for cleaning the tub’s inner shell. There are additional steps to take for cleaning and replacing the filter on hot tubs routinely.

Clean your jetted tub or spa at least once every six months in order to prevent more serious grime build up or damage. Leaving grime in your spa for long periods of time can cause water pressure issues, putting extra stress on the mechanical components. Select Home Warranty offers coverage on hot tubs, spas and pools to protect this area of your home from the high costs of mechanical damage.

1. Drain your tub fully in a safe location, and be sure your drain does not lead directly to a natural water source if you are cleaning your hot tub.

2. Fill your jetted tub with hot water until the water is above two inches from the jets. Skip this step if you are cleaning a hot tub.

3. Add a cleaning solution of two tablespoons of low-suds dishwashing liquid and one cup of white vinegar. Then, run your tub for 20 minutes. If you have a hot tub, use this solution to gently scrub the inner shell to remove grime.

4. Drain the tub and refill with cold or lukewarm water. Then, run your tub for 10 minutes in order to rinse the cleaning solution, and follow by draining. For hot tubs, rinse your solution away with a hose and then drain the cleaning solution before refilling for use.

Be sure to use non-abrasive products in order to prevent mechanical damage. We recommend white vinegar as a safe cleaning product in place of bleach, but depending on the state of your tub, a small amount of bleach could be used to help whiten the color of the tub.

Consider using a soft scrub brush or cloth around the jets to help wipe away grime build up. Be sure not to scratch the surface.

Home Warranty for Spas & Pools

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