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3 Reasons To Invest In A Home Warranty

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Every homeowner will eventually deal with an unexpected breakdown. On the other hand, only some homeowners are ready for it.

Rather than viewing a new home warranty as an extra expense, it actually serves as an investment in your future. The costs when you’re not covered are sudden and unavoidable, but the costs when you have a home warranty plan are instead gradual, allowing you to save on hefty expenses later.

A repair on your refrigerator can cost up to $500 when your yearly price quote for a home warranty could be just as much, covering far more than just a refrigerator. And that’s not the only reason why a home warranty is worth it.

1. Gain peace of mind.

Many homeowners who pay a mortgage consider their home warranty as part of this monthly payment towards the home. When you’re already in the mindset to put aside money for housing, a home warranty to keep the systems and appliances functioning is a no brainer.

Home sellers and real estate agents often include home warranties when selling homes because it offers unmatched relief if an issue were to suddenly arise soon after closing a sale. If the heating system won’t turn on come winter, the new home owner wouldn’t have to contact the previous owner for help, and instead would have home warranty coverage to work through.

2. Save time finding an expert.

The reason why you need a home warranty is because, when an issue occurs, you’re not going to break out the wrench and possibly make it even worse. You need a qualified and reliable expert who can identify your problem and fix it, of course!

As 2017 and 2018’s Best in Service Award recipient by HomeWarrantyReviews.com, Select Home Warranty is here to connect you to our vast network of technicians. With a home warranty, we connect you to the right person for the job, and all you have to do is pay a modest service fee during the visit. The service technician will diagnosis your problem, order any parts, and fix your system or appliance, so long as it’s within the warranty’s terms.

3. Reduce the costs to repair and replace.

With a home warranty through Select, you also have access to some of the best deals available online. We are continually offering new discounts and coupon codes to make home warranty coverage even more affordable.

You can have a range of appliances and systems covered in your home, including water sprinklers, pools, and your septic tank. We cover your assets no matter how old they are, too.

When it comes time to place your claim, you’ll be able to compare the costs you avoided. A heating system or plumbing system can cost up to $800 to repair. Instead, your monthly payments and day-of service fee will add up to just a fraction of this cost.

Unfortunately, home systems and appliances always seem to fail at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we’re here to shield your wallet, and your home, from the unexpected.

Check out our home warranty programs to find the right fit for you, and don’t leave before receiving your free price quote to plan for your home’s future!