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3 Ways To Save Money And Cut Costs Around The Home For The Holidays

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This time of year becomes expensive for many families. With the holidays approaching, so does colder weather, and that’s why it’s important to save money where you can.

There are many creative ways to save around this time of year, such as deciding to sell your unused gadgets, but the ways we have detailed below apply to all homes – and they really add up. Looking into your quote for a home warranty could help you save on major appliance breakdowns down the line, but don’t overlook these details either. Have peace of mind over the winter and make the most of the holidays while also living comfortably.

1. Block the drafts in your home.

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can be difficult and expensive if there’s a draft. Your windows might need new insulation around the frames, and if you live in an older house, you might also benefit from window insulation film as a thin layer to reduce heat transfer.

Draft stoppers at the foot of each entrance to the house will reduce drafts, but also consider installing a storm door if you don’t have one already.

Aside from windows and doors, look out for less-obvious drafts in your home, such as through holes in the walls where cables are fed through from outside, or worn-away insulation in your attic. Once the weather becomes a little chillier, spotting these areas will become easier, and taking the right steps will allow you to live comfortably all throughout your home.

2. Unplug appliances when they’re not in use.

The Department of Energy claims keeping electronics plugged in while not in use could quickly add up to 10% of your monthly utility bill due to electronics using standby power. Unplugging them is the simplest way to cut down on your bills immediately, and will also help your appliances last longer.

To help, use a power strip to plug in groups of electronics. When you switch the power strip off, it prevents electronics from draining electricity. This will make it easier for you to switch several off at once when you’re not home. You can also plug your power strips into outlets that are toggled by a light switch, making it even easier.

3. Shop for presents based on a wish list, then make the rest.

You will be tempted to splurge as you window shop, but when you’re able to carefully create shopping lists, you can also budget and not over spend. You will be more likely to buy a present that your friend or family member actually wanted instead of spending money on a lavish gift they don’t need.

Gifts that will save you even more over the holidays are handmade. Depending on the person you’re gifting, there are many simple projects that are cheap and would make great gifts, from reusing mason jars as candy jars, to taking saplings from your house plants and decorating small planters.

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