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Checklist: Assess the Appliances in Your New Home

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2021 is the year of new homeowners! Saving up, shopping around and bidding for a home can be a time consuming and stressful ordeal, but the payoff is your own slice of paradise.

Select Home Warranty provides coverage for many crucial areas of the home. From the garbage disposal in your kitchen sink to the dryer in your new basement, there are many mechanical assets that could break down by surprise. 

New home owners are especially at risk of spending unexpected costs to fix up used appliances and systems, which is a major headache on top of a new mortgage. 

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What is a PAT test?

A PAT test (Portable Appliance Test) is a means of testing electrical appliances visually and electrically, including inspecting the wires, features for grounding the appliance and manually testing voltages. 

Keep in mind, PAT testing can be dangerous for large appliances. Home appraisers will PAT test your major appliances and are trained to do so. Various tools are required to PAT test appliances, including ohmmeters and other types of multimeters.

How do you check for bad appliances?

Most home buyers rely on an appraiser to assess the ins and outs of the home’s value, including appliances and systems. Not all appraisers check each and every appliance and may miss certain functions of an appliance.

Take your appraiser’s assessment a step further by running your own second assessment. Check the following major systems and appliances yourself to guarantee you won’t find surprises. 

Major Appliances Checklist

1. Refrigerator – Listen for unusual noises, check that all lights are functional, check the temperature setting can keep food cold, and look out for air leaks around the doors. Refrigerators that are overworked and close to breaking down will have very hot coils.

2. Oven and Cooktop – Test the temperature of the oven by hanging an oven thermometer within the oven and allowing it to heat, checking the temperature inside matches the temperature displayed. Turn on all ranges of the stove top to be sure all heating elements are connected.

3. Dishwasher – Run the dishwasher through a full cycle and test the cleanliness of your dishes before and after. Check that the dishwasher does not have an unusual odor and that the filter is clear of debris.

4. Garbage Disposal – Turn on the garbage disposal to be sure it is connected. To check for leaks, identify the line that runs between the dishwasher and garbage disposal and watch for water dripping.

5. Clothes Washer – Run the clothes washer and consider purposely spilling coffee or wine on an undesirable piece of clothing. Professional clothes washer testers measure the performance of clothes washers by also punching holes in materials and measuring the amount of wear on the holes after a load of laundry. Listen for odd sounds, check that the washer has filled with water during the cycle, and inspect your clothing after. Check for leaks around the base and back of the washer.

6. Clothes Dryer – Run your clothes through a cycle in the dryer and listen for unusual sounds, such as loud banging. Consider adding a typical amount of clothing to the load in order to properly assess if the dryer can fully dry your laundry.

If you come across issues while testing the appliances above, bring these to the seller’s attention before the close of the sale. Discuss issues with the appraiser to identify mechanical problems as part of the appraisal. 

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