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Your End Of Summer Maintenance Checklist: 6 Home To-do’s

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During the summer, we use our appliances a lot. We tend to throw more parties during warm weather, and your home works very hard to keep up.

As the summer comes to a close, it’s important to check on the areas around your house that have experienced the most usage. When you clean and maintain appliances and systems around your home, you’ll be less likely to need to file a claim with your home warranty provider. Follow our checklist to put your mind at ease that everything is in tip-top shape transitioning into the fall.

1. Clean the air conditioner.

Hopefully you’ve maintained the AC a few times this summer, but as the season winds down and you selectively turn it on and off instead of on a schedule, give it special attention. It will be a few weeks into the autumn before you decide to store it or switch over to heating for good, and letting it conk out at the very end will provide difficulties next spring.

2. Clean the dish washer.

Have you ever cleaned the dishwasher? Since it cleans our dishes, we don’t think of it as a dirty place, but it’s essential to check on this appliance after using it so much over the summer. Placing a cup filled white vinegar in the dishwasher and letting it run will help with the grease. Then, use a sponge to wipe away any difficult areas.

3. Tidy the yard.

Continue your summer maintenance including cleaning the gutters, mowing the grass, and sweeping the driveway. In addition, you’ll want to start considering how to winterize your home and checking for any current damage, such as on the roof or siding. Now might be a good time to switch your screen doors to glass and shore up any windows.

4. Shut down the sprinkler system.

To minimize damage to your sprinkler system, once the temperature nears freezing, you’ll have to shut your valve off and wrap it with insulation. You still have plenty of time for this – but be sure not to forget as you transition other parts of your yard and garden for cool weather. If you’ve decided to plant cool-season crops this year, you may want to use your sprinkler a little longer into fall.

5. Tidy the kitchen.

When the weather gets colder, critters will try to come inside for a warm place to stay. Make sure you’re not attracting any pests with food left out, and if there are areas pests might stay, it could be a good idea to lay down precautionary traps. Check the cabinets, closets, and behind the fridge for evidence that bugs, mice, or other animals may have found their way in.

6. Check on the refrigerator.

During late summer months when the humidity picks up, your refrigerator works much harder. Look for evidence of extra moisture inside and outside of your fridge to tell if the seal around the door is working. There are other common refrigerator problems to look out for, such as when the ice maker goes silent and if the coils on the back of the fridge are burning hot.

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