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How to Fix a Tripped Breaker

Learn what to do when your circuit breaker won't reset. | SHW Blog

If you find your circuit breaker trips often, you’re not alone. Older homes aren’t built to handle families that use many electrical devices plugged in at once.

This issue may seem like a small inconvenience, but it can lead to serious electrical system issues that require the assistance of a certified technician.

Learn how to handle a tripped breaker and the signs of a serious electrical problem. It’s important to know when a circuit breaker requires an electrician to take a look.

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How do you fix a tripped breaker?

The first step to fixing your tripped breaker is to try resetting it. Reset your tripped breaker with the following simple steps:

  • Open your circuit breaker to view your rows of circuit switches.
  • Spot the switch that is out of line from the others.
  • Push the switch to the “off” and then “on” position.

If your problem continues, you may have to determine if you have a blown fuse. A blown fuse and tripped circuit breaker are usually caused by the same problem – a surge in power from an appliance or device. If you notice the firmament of the fuse looks distorted or broken, you may have to replace your blown fuse.

What causes a breaker to trip and not reset?

If your breaker has tripped and refuses to reset, you will have to follow a few additional steps to identify the problem.

Start by unplugging all appliances on the tripped circuit. You can determine what needs to be unplugged by observing the rooms where your lights won’t turn on. In each of these rooms experiencing an outage, unplug all electrical devices. Your breaker should reset properly now that all appliances and devices are unplugged.

Next, carefully plug in one device at a time until the circuit trips again. Be aware of the device that tripped your circuit breaker and unplug other devices first before you use this high-powered device in the future.

If you find your circuit breaker will not reset after unplugging all devices and appliances, then you have a more serious issue.

How do you fix a tripped breaker that won’t reset?

If your tripped breaker still will not reset after unplugging all appliances on the circuit and after checking for a blown fuse, it’s time to place a claim.

Electrical systems can be very dangerous. Continued power surges can lead to short circuits, which may cause house fires.

Select Home Warranty offers coverage on electrical systems so that when you experience a breakdown, we’ll help coordinate sending the right professional. You’ll owe a modest day-of service fee while any costs to repair or replace your electrical system are covered according to your terms.

Tripped circuit breakers are common, but can become dangerous. Don’t wait to have your electrical system checked out, no matter its age.


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