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Heated Floor Troubleshooting Tips

Learn how to troubleshoot your heated floor. | SHW Blog

On chilly mornings, there’s nothing better than stepping onto a heated floor. Many homeowners strive for the day they can install and enjoy these delightful heating fixtures.

When your heated floor suddenly stops working, it can quickly feel like a lost cause. Rather than rely on other home heating methods through the rest of winter, find out the problem easily with the troubleshooting tips below.

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How long does it take a heated floor to warm up?

Your heated floor, also called a radiant floor, is either warmed by an entirely electrical system or a hydronic water-based system. Both require around 20 minutes to warm up and hydronic radiant floors tend to stay warm for longer.

What temperature should I set my heated floor?

Set your heated floor to between 75 and 80 degrees. Be aware that on most days you will not feel a distinct temperature difference from the floor. On very cold days when your home is colder than usual, you will likely notice a difference. When your home is kept warm, the floor should feel neutral in temperature.

How do you troubleshoot a heated floor?

The most common problem with heated floors is a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. Another common problem with a heated floor is if the thermostat is broken. Troubleshooting for both of these issues requires you to check the voltage of the thermostat.

A non-contact voltage tester can be found at your nearest home goods store for measuring the voltage of your thermostat. Test your voltage tester on an outlet first.

  • If your voltage tester shows there is electricity channeling through the thermostat and the thermostat is not working, then you likely have a defective thermostat and will need to replace it.
  • If there is no voltage channeling through the thermostat, then continue troubleshooting by resetting the circuit breaker. If the issue persists, check for and replace the blown fuse.

Other problems may include a sensor failure, wiring issue or not enough power to your heated floor to give it noticeable warmth. These issues are tougher to troubleshoot and may require the help of an expert to diagnose the problem with your fixture.

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Electrical problems can be difficult to troubleshoot on your own. These can lead to serious electrical system issues down the line when not diagnosed early.

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