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How to Maintain Your Sump Pump: 5 Steps

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Sump pumps are the key to setting your home up for success when it comes to water entering the home.

This simple mechanism could mean all the difference between saving your stored belongings and a hefty clean up project. Flooding can also cause foundational damage to your home, making it essential to keep your sump pump operable at all times. Water may leach into your home through groundwater, heavy rains or even a burst pipe within the home.

Select Home Warranty offers coverage on protecting your sump pump from mechanical damage, so that if you experience an issue, you can call on us to repair or replace your sump pump.

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Do sump pumps need maintenance?

Yes, sump pumps require at least annual maintenance. Consider cleaning your sump pump before and after heavy rains. Be sure to unplug the sump pump before handling.

How many years does a sump pump last?

Sump pumps last 10 years on average. This depends on how well you maintain the sump pump and if it is heavily used. If your basement frequently takes on water and your sump pump is doing its job, expect to replace it sooner.

5 Steps to Maintain a Sump Pump

Sump pump maintenance calls for cleaning your sump pump. These devices and the pits they are located in collect dirt and sediment as water is pulled through the system. Sediment buildup can cause clogs, pushing your motor past its capacity. Be sure to clean your sump pump at least once per year to avoid mechanical issues.

1. Start by turning off any water supply leading to your sump pump, such as your washing machine, and unplug the sump pump.

2. Move the sump pump to an open area with drainage, such as your backyard. Consider transporting it in a bucket as it will likely cause a mess when removed.

3. Clean your sump pump by spraying the outside of it with a hose. Use a scrubber to remove debris that is stuck on and rinse again.

4. Return to the sump pit to flush the valve that would empty into your sump pit by placing your bucket underneath and opening the valve.

5. Consider scrubbing the inside of your pump pit to remove surface buildup and clear with a shop vac before placing your sump pump back into the pit.

Sump Pump Home Warranties

Your sump pump may experience issues such as clogs or a worn out motor. Troubleshooting your sump pump requires checking the access point of your pipes as well as the function of the sump pump.

Rather than risk basement flooding down the line, home warranties provide protection on the costs associated with mechanical damage to your sump pump. If you encounter a mechanical issue with your sump pump, including a problem with any components of the sump pump for groundwater, we can provide coverage on repairing or replacing the components as indicated in your terms. We only exclude portable pumps and sewer ejector pumps.

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