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Top 3 Cleaning Tricks For All Your Home’s Surfaces

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Sometimes there’s no better feeling for a homeowner than giving the place a thorough cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to tackle a refresh for the entire household.

But deep cleaning isn’t easy! Use these three tricks to get the job done faster.

1. Make the most of your vacuum.

Before you consider chemical cleaners, start by letting an appliance do most of the work. A vacuum can be used in many creative ways to help you reach neglected places.

Using the hose of your vacuum, start by checking the corners of all the walls in your home for spider webs and dust. Reach as far as you can to the ceiling and light fixtures before taking a damp cloth to go over the surface a second time.

Run the vacuum hose over any screen windows or doors. Make sure you get around all door jambs and window sills too.

A vacuum can also help with soft surfaces that can’t go through a washing machine. For couches, decorative pillows, and troublesome areas of your carpet, add a thin layer of baking soda, let it sit for 30 minutes, then vacuum to remove any odors.

2. Try vinegar first.

Vinegar can be used to clean in many ways – especially in the kitchen.

If you have any stainless-steel surfaces such as tea pots and appliance finishes, use a soft cloth and vinegar followed by watered-down lemon juice and mineral oil. Always use a soft cleaning cloth in the direction of the grain to avoid accidentally damaging your stainless-steel finish.

Vinegar will remove most grime, but it leaves behind a stringent smell. Fortunately, wiping down surfaces with light lemon juice after using vinegar will mask the odor. Once you’re finished, applying a thin coat of oil (such as olive or baby oil) can keep grime from building up again anytime soon.

If you have a glass surface with tough grime – such as sticker residue – vinegar can help dissolve the stickiness. Vinegar is a good go-to for trying on stains as well. A red wine stain can be removed with white vinegar or even white wine.

3. Move your furniture.

Unless you’re cleaning a home that has no furniture, you’re going to miss parts of your carpet.

To revitalize your home this year and hit all the nooks and crannies when spring cleaning, try rearranging a few things. Even the most meticulous homebodies will find areas under a table or couch that were missed, and the new furniture arrangement will bring a fresh perspective to your home.

Some find that after they have moved furniture, areas of the carpet are stuck with impressions. To get rid of these carpet indents, let ice melt on the surface, then vacuum the liquid to straighten the threads.

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