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California Home Warranties: Compare the Benefits

California is home to many ambitious and thoughtful homeowners. The subtropical and beautiful coastal state is a highly attractive place to live.

This means homeowners pay high prices across the state and uniquely benefit from protecting their homes with a home warranty. No matter where you might live in California, the cost of homeownership comes with responsibility, and sometimes stress when things don’t go as planned.

California homeowners who have invested a great deal into their home can gain protection for greater peace of mind, so that even when things go wrong, you’re covered.

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California Home Warranties

Home warranties are contracts that cover the mechanical wear and tear of home appliances and systems according to your plan.

Not to be confused with Contractor Warranties or Builder’s Home Warranties, a home warranty specifically covers the essential mechanical assets in your home, such as your HVAC or refrigerator.

California state law contains rules for those who construct homes to ensure the home is habitable and safe with their own warranties, which is very different from appliance and system home warranties.

3 Benefits of Home Warranties in California

1. Protect the most important areas of your home.

Home warranties provide peace of mind so that whether it’s your oven, plumbing, clothes washer or even your swimming pool acting up, you can place a claim with Select Home Warranty to coordinate the fix in no time. Many Californians worry most about their air conditioners running smoothly in order to keep the home cool during heat waves. Select Home Warranty ensures that when an appliance or system experiences downtime, we have you covered according to your contract. Be sure to gain your free quote and take a look at all areas of the home where you could receive coverage.

2. Save on high repair or replacement costs down the line.

When an appliance or system breaks down, the costs quickly add up. The average repair cost for a plumbing system is $125 while the average replacement cost totals $3,500. Compare these sudden and unexpected costs to the low monthly payment of a home warranty, which requires just a day-of technician service fee. California homeowners who might already budget for mortgage payments can also consider putting aside funds for a home warranty rather than wait for an unexpected breakdown to occur.

3. Ensure your home is protected during its sale or purchase.

For those buying or selling a home, home warranties are an excellent method of helping transfer accountability for the home’s appliances and systems. If the heating system requires repair once the new owner settles in, the previous owner won’t need to be brought into the problem. As long as the new owner has the heating system’s maintenance documents, Select Home Warranty can seamlessly provide coverage for the new owner without any need to talk to the previous owner. At the point of selling the home, the home warranty can be transferred, too.

Why Choose Select Home Warranty in California?

Select Home Warranty is your trusted partner with our wide network of California service technicians.

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