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Texas Home Warranties: How to Find the Right Coverage

Texas has more land for sale than any other state, causing many to consider Texas as the place for their forever home. With wide open space between culturally-rich cities, Texans take great pride in reaching the dream of homeownership.

The state of Texas experiences a hot and often humid climate during the summer time. This calls for special attention to how homeowners care for cooling systems, water systems, and for many, pool, well and sprinkler systems.

Texas also contains laws indicating rules for protecting your home with a Home Builder’s Warranty, which is different from appliance and system home warranties.

Home Builder’s Warranty vs Home Warranty

A Home Builder’s Warranty requires home builders to follow Texas state law when constructing residential homes to ensure the home is safe and habitable.

Home Warranties are very different and not relevant to the same Texas state law for home builders, primarily covering the most essential systems and appliances that keep your home running in order.

What is a Home Warranty?

Home warranties are contracts that cover the mechanical wear and tear of home appliances and systems according to your plan.

In the case of mechanical mishaps around the home, a home warranty will cover repairs or replacements in accordance with your contract. What is covered by your home warranty typically includes major appliances, such as your refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, as well as major systems, such as your heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems.

However, this isn’t the limit to what you can have covered and many homes benefit from add-on coverage for unique areas of the home.

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Why Gain Home Warranty Coverage in Texas? 3 Reasons

There are many reasons for a homeowner to seek out home warranty coverage. Some of these reasons are unique to living in Texas, while other reasons can be situational, such as during the sale of a home.

1. Gain peace of mind during the sale or purchase of your home.

Whether you are selling or buying a home, a home warranty ensures that damage to a covered appliance or system will still be covered after the transfer of ownership.

A common story for those going through the home buying and selling process is when an appliance or system breaks down soon after the purchase goes through. The decision on who must pay for the repair or replacement can be tedious by reviewing the appraisal process again for what might have been overlooked and tying the previous owner back to the home even after the sale.

With Select Home Warranty, we have both parties covered. The home’s home warranty carries into the new owner’s contract so that the same coverage applies. Be sure that the new homeowner has all records on past maintenance on the covered appliances and systems.

2. Protect your home’s cooling systems.

Temperatures in Texas during pique summer can reach up to 98°F, and even hotter in the western area of the state. Humidity amplifies these temperatures to sweltering conditions.

HVAC and air conditioning units can be pushed with these extreme temperatures, causing them to show signs of malfunction. It’s essential to keep your cooling systems running to prevent your home from becoming uninhabitable.

Select Home Warranty ensures you will be quickly connected to a qualified service technician when the time comes. By easily submitting a claim online or by calling us, we’ll connect with our network to get your cooling system repaired or replaced in no time.

3. Cover the essential areas of your home’s yard.

Home warranties can be tailored to fit your home’s needs. In Texas, this means special care to the yard, pool and possibly well water.

If you maintain your own grassy lawn and rely on a water sprinkler system, a home warranty can help by covering all mechanical components that affect operation, keeping your lawn healthy and green throughout the summer.

Pools are also protected with home warranties by covering the pumping system, filtration system and heating system. When it comes to how you retrieve water, wells can also be protected with coverage on all components of the well pump, provided the well is the primary water source to the home.

Not all homes are built in a “cookie cutter” style, and Select Home Warranty allows for homeowners to gain the ultimate peace of mind with complete coverage.

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