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Garbage Disposal Buyer’s Guide

Garbage disposal installed underneath kitchen sink.

If you’re tired of dealing with rotting food and excess waste, a garbage disposal is perfect for your kitchen. Garbage disposals are easy-to-use appliances that will save time and reduce the amount of garbage you throw away.

Whether you’re buying a garbage disposal for the first time or need a replacement, this guide can help. We’ll show you the pros and cons of different units, this way you can decide what’s right for your home.

Are garbage disposals worth it?

Absolutely! Garbage disposals are extremely useful, efficient appliances to have in your kitchen. Here are a few of the benefits a garbage disposal will provide:

  • Save time on cleanup. After meals, all you need to do is scrape any excess food down the drain and run the disposal with some cold water.
  • Reduce kitchen odors. By breaking down food waste and sending it through your drain pipes, you won’t have food rotting in the garbage.
  • Protect kitchen drains. Garbage disposals liquefy foods and send them through your drains. This prevents large pieces of food from causing clogs.
  • Maintain and repair easily. With proper use and regular maintenance, a garbage disposal is simple to take care of and keep running smoothly.
  • Save money in the long run. Since you’ll be throwing less food in the garbage can, you’ll spend less on garbage bags.

The average cost of a new garbage disposal is $115 to $215, plus installation fees (Forbes). You can save even more money with a DIY installation. Considering all of these incentives, garbage disposals are a worthwhile investment for your home.

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How do I know what garbage disposal to buy?

There are two major types of garbage disposals: continuous feed units and batch feed units. Continuous feed units are more common, but it’s good to know the pros and cons of each before making a purchase.

Continuous Feed Models


  • A continuous feed garbage disposal works by placing food items in the sink, running cold water, and flipping a switch to power it on. It’s as simple as that!
  • More food can be added to the sink after turning the unit on, making after-meal clean up faster. Continuous feed disposals are also very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Ease of use is one of the major reasons why continuous feed disposals are the most popular


  • The opening is always exposed. Some food particles may splash into the sink during use, though most units have a splash guard to prevent this.
  • You also need to be cautious if you have small children. Be sure they keep their hands away from the sink opening.
  • Continuous feed units will also most likely need professional installation since they require electrical wiring for the switch.

Batch Feed Models


  • Food is placed inside the sink and the opening is covered by a special stopper. Placing the stopper over the opening turns the disposal on. Removing the stopper turns it off.
  • They’re safer to use than continuous feed units since they can’t be turned on while the opening is exposed.
  • They are also quieter, since the stopper blocks the noise of the internal blades grinding up your food.
  • Batch feed units come with their own power cord, providing easier installation than continuous feed units. You can even install these units on your own with a few simple tools.


  • They are slower, and you can’t keep adding food while the unit is on.
  • Batch feed disposals are also more expensive and larger than continuous feed units.

No matter which unit you choose, a home warranty can provide coverage for breakdowns related to normal, daily use. See what else home warranty covers.

Do all garbage disposals fit all sinks?

All kitchen sinks have a standard sized drain hole, meaning that all garbage disposals will fit any sink. However, not all cabinets under the sink are the same dimensions.

Different units, especially batch feed units, have larger containers that may not fit underneath your sink. Keep this in mind while shopping for a garbage disposal unit for your home.

How long should a garbage disposal last?

A new garbage disposal can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. After 10 years, you may notice clogging more often, which is a common sign that you need a replacement.

Looking for the best ways to keep your garbage disposal clean? Check out our tips on how to clean your garbage disposal.

Protect your new garbage disposal with a home warranty.

Garbage disposals are affordable, long-lasting appliances that will help make kitchen cleanup a breeze. They are also extremely easy to maintain and save you time and money.

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