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Gas Grill Troubleshooting & How to Fix It

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Barbeques and the last days of summer are the best times to bring people together. Sometimes when we fire up the grill on these valuable days, we need to troubleshoot the gas grill before getting started.

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Gas Grill Troubleshooting

Know what to spot when firing up the grill and diagnose these issues quickly before it’s time to start cooking. Always test your grill before a party and stay ahead of these common problems.

1. There is rust or soot on the grill’s burners.

Be sure to clean your grill to remove and prevent rust. While the grill is cool, use vegetable oil to wipe down the burners, then turn the grill to a low heat. Repeat this throughout summer to keep your burners from accruing rust.

2. The grill is shooting flames.

When oil or fat from your meats drip from the burners, this can cause grease fires that shoot through the burners. If these flames become too intense, turn off the grill, remove the food and use baking soda or salt to cover the flames, then close the lid and grill vents to put the fires out.

3. The grill’s flame is low and the temperature is too low.

The grill’s gas tank may need to be disconnected and reconnected. Turn off and disconnect the gas tank, turn all control valves on high, and open the lid to the grill to allow gas to escape. Wait a few minutes, then turn all control valves to off, reconnect the gas tank and slowly turn on the gas tank. Carefully light the grill and check for an improved flame.

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