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What to do When the Microwave Stops Working

Troubleshoot the microwave when it stops working, and know when to hire a professional. | SHW Blog

One of the most used appliances in the kitchen is the microwave. For every leftover and quick meal, we rely on this appliance and don’t always give it the attention it deserves.

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How to Troubleshoot the Microwave

When the microwave stops working, it can put a halt to our dinner plans. Know what to do when your microwave stops working to quickly get back to your routine. Always remember to unplug the microwave before troubleshooting.

Microwave Won’t Turn on

Start your troubleshooting by unplugging the microwave and inspecting the outlet and plug. If there is clearly an issue with the outlet, attempt to plug your microwave into a different outlet and see if this solves the issue. If there is a problem with the plug, replacement parts will be needed.

Check your circuit breaker before continuing to be sure the circuit breaker was not tripped. If the problem does not appear to be the outlet, plug or circuit breaker, there is likely a serious issue with the microwave that will require a professional to diagnose.

The Door Switch

If you notice your microwave is still receiving power, your issue could be the door switch on your microwave. In order for your microwave to start heating, the microwave must sense that the doors are fully closed. If the microwave senses the doors are not closed, it will not start. These door switches can short circuit.

In order to diagnose, you must test the continuity of each door switch using a multimeter, which should be completed by a trained professional.

A Blown Fuse

The most common reason for a microwave to stop working is a blown fuse. You can test if the fuse is the issue by using a multimeter, however microwaves may also retain charge after being unplugged and the capacitor should be discharged before troubleshooting.

Replacing a blown fuse in a microwave can be tricky and dangerous, and we highly recommend relying on an expert to fix this issue. Microwaves can have a variety of different types of fuses, and purchasing the right replacement may not be easy.

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