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Should I Rekey Locks or Change the Locks?

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When it comes to keeping our homes safe, it’s important to keep the locks functional and unique. Changing or rekeying the locks on your home may be routine or required.

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or feel it’s time to enhance the protection on your home with new locks, rekeying may be your preferred method. It is less expensive to rekey locks yourself but be aware of common missteps when it comes to rekeying if you’ve never tried it before.

Rekeying vs Changing Locks

It is recommended to call on a locksmith when rekeying or changing locks in your home. Home safety is very important and removing your locks could leave your home open if you are not prepared to complete the process.

Rekeying locks requires disassembly of the locks. To do this yourself, be sure to buy a branded kit offered by the brand of your locks. The steps to rekey include removing the doorknob, disassembling the doorknob to remove the C-clip and key plug, carefully inserting new pins and replacing the key plug. Be sure the pins are flush with the plug when installing.

Changing your locks will replace all locks with new ones and may offer you a chance to have a single brand for all locks, making rekeying in the future easier. The cost to rekey or change the locks when calling a professional is typically hourly and requires the cost of parts. There are fewer parts involved when rekeying, but the time required for a professional to rekey may be the same.

Is Rekeying a lock safe?

Rekeying your door lock is safe. This method requires new pins in the lock, replacing the old pins for a new, unique combination. Your lock will not be functionally different from how it worked before rekeying. If you’re more interested in enhanced security, a new lock may be your preferred option.

Can I Rekey a Deadbolt?

Rekeying a deadbolt works the same way as rekeying a door lock. You may want to rekey your door lock and deadbolt together so that your key matches both. Keep in mind, if you are rekeying locks across your home and would like all to fit the same key, the locks will need to be the same brand.

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