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Protect the Mechanical Parts of Your Pool

Protect your pool pump and other mechanical parts of your pool. | SHW Blog

There’s nothing quite like relaxing by your very own pool, but the responsibilities of upkeep also come with a heavy burden.

When a mechanical part of your pool breaks down, pool home warranty coverage has you covered on the cost to repair or replace those mechanical parts. Rather than losing valuable pool time this summer, Select Home Warranty makes it easy to place a claim, coordinate the repair and cover the costs for you.



Pool Home Warranty Coverage

Swimming pools require near-constant maintenance for chlorine treatment, pH balance, algae cleaning, skimming the surface for debris, clearing the filter trap, and much more, all to keep you, your friends and family in a clean, fun environment all summer long.

When something more severe happens to your pool, such as a broken pool pump, all of that work can feel like a lost cause. The skills to repair mechanical damage to a pool are different from many of the skills homeowners may have acquired to clean and maintain the pool.

With a pool home warranty, the mechanical parts of your pool are covered for repair or replacement. If you experience an issue or breakdown with your pool, you are able to place a claim with Select Home Warranty and we will connect you to a qualified service technician to diagnose and fix the problem. The cost to repair or replace is covered by Select Home Warranty according to your contract terms, and you only owe a modest day-of service fee to the technician.

Our pool home warranties cover the following mechanical parts of your pool:

  • Pumping system
  • Filtration system
  • Heating system

This coverage can also apply to your hot tub or spa, so long as they are not portable.

Select’s Home Warranty with Pool Coverage

When purchasing home warranty coverage from Select Home Warranty, standard pool coverage is an add-on to your total coverage. Your coverage can not only cover your pool, but will also cover all major appliances and systems in the home.

Homeowners with home warranty coverage can greatly save on the costs of future breakdowns.

Do you dread a day without your pool? Gain a FREE QUOTE today to start comparing your options for pool home warranty coverage. Call to learn more: 860-288-4791