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How to Buy a Home Warranty Through your Title Company

No two homes are the same.

That’s why home warranties are designed to fit your unique home, from the pool in the backyard to the ceiling fan in your living room. That’s also why buying and selling a “home sweet home” is so difficult.

During the transaction of a home, who buys the home warranty isn’t the same each time, either. All parties involved – the home buyer, the home seller, the realtor and even the title company – may play a role.

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Home Warranties: Protect Appliances During the Sale of a Home

Home buyers stand to protect their new home’s appliances from unexpected breakdowns. With a home warranty, the new owner can call on us at Select Home Warranty to repair or replace appliances due to mechanical damage.

Both the seller and the buyer stand to benefit from a home warranty on the home. The real estate agent may recommend this as an added benefit to the buyer to help close the sale, and the seller of the home gains relief that they won’t be contacted over buyers remorse if an appliance breaks down.

Why Do Title Companies Offer Home Warranties?

The seller, the buyer and the realtor all have their own incentives for the sale to go through. The title company, on the other hand, is a 3rd party to the process which works with your realtor on title services.

Despite not having a stake in the sale of the home, the title company can still offer a home warranty as a marketing incentive to entice new real estate clients.

In the past, Select Home Warranty has discussed why realtors should offer home warranties, and it is a very similar reason as to why title companies should offer home warranties. The realtor and title company can work together on this towards the close of the home.

When to Get a Home Warranty Through a Title Company

Did you know the best time to get a home warranty is during the sale of a new home?

Sometimes a title company will offer a home warranty package along with their title services so that it comes to one discounted price.

Realtors can either work directly with home warranty companies to offer a home warranty to the new home buyer during the sale of a home, or the title company may already have an offer available to pass through to the new buyer. In either case, the cost of the home warranty is likely to be part of total closing costs.

Home warranties are never “free” and must be renewed each year. The new home buyer may inherit a home warranty from the previous owner, but this will still need to be paid on a monthly or annual basis.

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