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Well Pump Problems & Repairs: Do Home Warranties Cover Them?

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Having a well as your home’s primary water source can be great. You don’t need to rely on a municipal water utility company, which saves you money in the long run. A home well can also increase your property value, as it provides cleaner, better-tasting water.

Of course, these benefits come with a caveat. You need to keep your well system maintained and operational. Luckily, with proper maintenance and a good home warranty, you can ensure your well system and pump last for many years.

Do well pumps need maintenance?

Yes! Well pumps need regular maintenance to keep harmful contaminants like bacteria, lead, and arsenic from getting into your water supply. It’s good to do maintenance at least once a year. However, there are situations where a pump should be checked more often.

Here are some tips for keeping your well pump maintained and in good working condition:

1. Clean the cooling fans.

Overheating is a major problem that contributes to well pump problems that require repair. Cleaning cooling fans to remove debris, such as dead leaves or cobwebs, can lead to a longer life for your pump.

2. Use anti-corrosive products.

Corrosion is another culprit when it comes to well breakdowns. Anti-corrosive solutions and mixtures can help remove and protect components from corrosive buildup, extending the life of your system.

3. Check for leaks.

Leaks in your well system can lead to trouble. Inspecting components and making sure everything is running in tip-top shape ensures that your well is protected. Make a habit of checking for leaks after a severe storm.

4. Have your well pump routinely serviced.

Getting a service professional to check your well pump every three or four years will ensure that it is running at its best. A professional can also let you know if there are any problem areas or parts that are wearing down.

How do I troubleshoot my well pump?

If you are experiencing problems with your well pump, determining if the pump itself is the issue should be your first step.

Check your circuit breaker to ensure the pump is receiving power. Turn it off, reset the circuit breaker, and turn the pump back on. This will rule out an electrical issue.

The issue with your pump could also be plumbing related. It’s a good idea to check your plumbing for leaks to ensure that water from your well is getting to your home after passing through your well pump.

Pro Tip: If you find a leak, you may have coverage for your plumbing system through your home warranty.

Inspect your pressure tank as it may also be causing the issue. The pressure tank stores the water brought up from the pump. This tank may have shut off and need to be reset.

Determine if there are any drought warnings in your area. Though this is the most uncommon scenario, a drought could be causing your well to run dry.

Well Pump & System | SHW Blog

How often do well pumps need to be replaced?

A properly maintained well pump can last eight to ten years. You can ensure that your well pump reaches this life expectancy and beyond by performing regular maintenance. Of course, there will come a time when even the most carefully maintained pump needs to be replaced.

What are the signs a well pump needs replacement?

If your well pump needs to be replaced, you may notice these signs.

Poor Water Quality

Dirty water, a metallic taste, or a bad smell like rotten eggs coming from your water will indicate that it’s time to replace the well pump.

Weak Water Pressure

If you turn on your taps and the water pressure isn’t as strong as usual, then your well pump may not be functioning as it should.

Faucet Air & Sputtering

When you turn on your faucet, instead of a steady stream of water, there is instead inconsistent, “spitting” water. This sputtering is a sign that your pump may be failing.

Well Pump Runs Constantly

Your well pump should only need to run when water is being used in your home. If your pump is running continuously, it is working harder than it needs to draw water from your well.

No Water

If you turn on your taps and get no water at all, this means that the pump has failed completely. You are now in emergency mode and need to have your pump replaced ASAP.

The cost of well pump replacement averages about $1,600. A home warranty with well pump coverage can significantly reduce that cost.

How can I get well pump warranty coverage?

With Select Home Warranty, you can expect well pump repairs and all components to be covered. As long as your well is the primary water source of your home, any repairs or replacements will be covered under our agreement.

Ensure that your well system and pump are properly maintained, and when the time comes for repairs or replacement, Select Home Warranty can help save you money.

Get your free quote to find out which of our plans will work best for your home and budget.

Did you know? Your home warranty can even cover your septic system. Learn more about what a home warranty can cover.