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What is a Heating System Home Warranty? Coverage for Boilers, Furnaces, HVACs & Ducts

Keep your family warm and with peace of mind with a heating system home warranty. | SHW Blog

Home is where we feel most comfortable. During colder months, one of the best feelings is to relax in a warm living room surrounded by family, completely at ease.

Home warranties offer even greater peace of mind on your best and even worst days. Home warranties protect from the high unexpected costs associated with repairing or replacing home systems and appliances, including the home’s heating system.

If something were to go wrong with your home’s heating, it can be quickly fixed with minimal stress.

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Heating System Home Warranty

With a heating system home warranty, all modules and parts of your heating system that are necessary to its function are covered. This coverage includes boilers, furnaces, HVACs and even the air ducts for forced air.

Most homeowners don’t have the knowledge to repair a broken heating system. When this home system experiences a breakdown, it means working against the clock to have the heat turned back on.

Rather than panic, rely on Select Home Warranty to connect you with a qualified service technician. You will owe a modest day-of service fee, and the costs to repair or replace are covered according to your terms.

Are furnaces covered by home warranties?

Yes, your home warranty includes coverage on furnaces, whether a boiler furnace or a forced-air furnace. Boiler furnaces use a variety of ways to heat your home with hot water, such as with baseboards or radiators, while forced-air heating uses air ducts for pushing warm air through your home.

Do home warranties cover old heating systems?

Yes, your home warranty covers your heating system no matter its age. Be sure to keep a record of all previous maintenance on your heating system.

Heating System Tips

It’s important to keep up with routine maintenance for your heating system. HVAC systems can last up to 20 years when properly maintained by changing the filters, checking insulation and watching for debris.

You can enhance the efficiency of your heating system even further by winterizing your doors, windows and walls. This means blocking drafts in order to keep your heat from leaving the home through cracks or thinly covered areas. There are a variety of ways to better insulate your home, such as installing storm doors, hanging curtains, and patching your insulation.

Why is my heating system not working?

If you believe your heating system is malfunctioning, don’t hesitate to place a claim with us online or over the phone: 860-288-4791

Thermostat issues are the most common reason for your heater to stop working. Your filter may also need changing, which we recommend checking every 90 days. When the filter gets too dirty to continue pushing air, the system overheats and may shut off automatically. The mechanism for shutting off the heater when it overheats is called the high limit switch, which can cost up to $400 to repair.

Don’t diagnose your heating system’s problem on your own. This home system is essential and your home becomes uninhabitable without it. Rather than risk dangerous temperatures, talk to us today about a heating system home warranty to protect your family’s peace of mind and your wallet down the line.

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