Home Warranties: Are They Worth It?

It’s often the first question that comes to mind whenever someone is introduced to the concept of a home warranty:

Are home warranties worth it?

To find the answer, you first need to understand just what a home warranty does, what distinguishes a home warranty from homeowner’s insurance, and most importantly, what the benefits of a home warranty includes... Read more

3 Reasons To Invest In A Home Warranty

Every homeowner will eventually deal with an unexpected breakdown. On the other hand, only some homeowners are ready for it.

Rather than viewing a new home warranty as an extra expense, it actually serves as an investment in your future. The costs when you’re not covered are sudden and unavoidable, but the costs when you have a home warranty plan are instead gradual, allowing you to save on hefty expenses later... Read more

3 Ways To Save Money And Cut Costs Around The Home For The Holidays

This time of year becomes expensive for many families. With the holidays approaching, so does colder weather, and that’s why it’s important to save money where you can.

There are many creative ways to save around this time of year, such as deciding to sell your unused gadgets, but the ways we have detailed below apply to all homes – and they really add up... Read more

The 4 Best States For Homeowners To Have A Home Warranty

All homeowners can benefit from shielding their homes from appliance breakdowns with a home warranty. Home warranty protection brings peace of mind while helping you avoid the hefty costs of mechanical issues with your home’s major systems.

When it comes to purchasing a home warranty, there are certain parts of the country where homes could use extra protection and stand to benefit even more than other regions of the United States... Read more

3 Signs You’re Ready To Buy A Home

You’ve done your research, you’ve saved up, and now you’re finally able to consider whether you’re ready to buy a home.

Since most people believe they’ll eventually become a homeowner, it’s easy to take this decision for granted. Before you buy, slow down and consider whether you meet the criteria to move forward with the next steps for purchasing your new home... Read more

5 Things You Didn’t Know A Home Warranty Can Cover

If you’re shopping for a home warranty for the first time, it might feel like there’s a lot to take in. Even for those among us who have owned multiple homes and multiple home warranties, some of the perks and advantages might not be immediately apparent until you take a step back and consider just what you’re getting... Read more

4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Washer And Dryer

Depending on the size of your family, you may use your washer and dryer anywhere from a few times a week to multiple times a day. So when your washer and dryer aren’t working, it can be a real problem.

Look for these four signs when your washer and dryer should be replaced and get them taken care of before you have to waste any of your time or money at the coin-op laundromat... Read more

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