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What is a Home Appliance Warranty?

What is a home appliance warranty? Learn about your options to protect the appliances in your home, including the refrigerator. | SHW Blog

Going without an appliance can really shake up your home. If you’ve ever had an appliance fail on you, then you already know how important it is to work with an expert who can get it running or replaced quickly.

A home appliance warranty ensures you’re always working with the finest, most qualified repair technicians in your area. That’s because home warranty companies contain a network of qualified service technicians.

What exactly is a Home Appliance Warranty?

A home appliance warranty protects homeowners and renters against the expensive repair and replacement costs typical to an appliance breakdown. In short, it’s a protection plan for the appliances you rely on every day.

Coverage under such plans often includes your clothes washer, ovens, ranges, stove tops, garbage disposals, refrigerators, and more.

If your appliance can’t be fixed, a home appliance warranty purchased through a reputable third-party will ensure you get a speedy replacement for far less than you’d pay without coverage.

How is a Home Appliance Warranty different from an extended warranty?

An extended warranty is typically offered through the manufacturer and only covers that appliance. It doesn’t cover the other appliances in your home. In some cases, these warranties may be extended, but they’re generally only optional if you bought the appliance new. Many homeowners and renters won’t have this luxury.

A home appliance warranty will cover multiple appliances within the same house or apartment, regardless of age, so long as they’re operational at the time the plan is purchased.

How is a Home Appliance Warranty different from a protection plan through the retailer?

Protection plans purchased with the appliance when you buy from a retailer may help you short-term, but like extended warranties through the manufacturer, they only apply to a single product and are typically only available on the day of purchase or during the return/exchange period.

Similar to the advantages a home warranty has over an extended warranty, a home appliance warranty hooks you up with coverage that extends far beyond one appliance. In addition, the best home appliance warranties will ensure a qualified service professional is sent to your home to take care of your repair or replacement in an expert manner.

Where can I get home appliance warranty services?

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